Trends & Transport

Welcome to the website of my company that I founded in January 2020. I am Cornelis van Dorsser, economist and engineer specialised in trends and future developments, transport economics, logistics, ports and inland shipping. Trends &Transport provides consultancy services and strategic advice, give lectures, and conduct scientific research on:

  • Long-term trends and developments and their implications for society and business;

  • Effects of trends and future developments on the transport system and the infrastructure required;

  • Long-term forecasts and scenarios for freight transport in relation to the required infrastructure;

  • Future developments in freight handling in ports, inland transport, and inland shipping logistics;

  • Critical reviews, feasibility studies, and data analysis;

  • Estimates of impact of climate change on ports and inland shipping;

  • Financial feasibility of investments projects in transport equipment and infrastructure.

Trends & Transport offers support to a broad range of clients including universities and scientific institutes, branch organisations, private companies, consultancy firms, and governmental organisations.